On 24 September 2010 12:49, YAD(YetAnotherDavid) <ani...@mail.com> wrote:
> Peter Lind wrote:
>> On 23 September 2010 21:47, YAD(YetAnotherDavid) <ani...@mail.com> wrote:
>>> This code is 95% cut and paste from the PHP manual examples -
>>> the Types/Strings/Heredocs section and the Filesystem/fnmatch pages.
>>> There are actually two questions here - I have combined the code into one
>  ...
>>> Question 1 : how to get the newline functioning ....? even print_r()
>>> output
>>> is not 'newlined' as it should be. Also note the \n is missing between
>>> the "
>>> " in the output text of the second test!
>> Are you outputting to browser or to command line? Browsers have a
>> habit of ignoring whitespaces, reducing them to one whitespace
>> character regardless of their type or how many.
>> Regards
>> Peter
> Thanks Peter, - output is to browser, I develop in Notepad++ and Firefox,
> and confirm in IE8. But this stuff used to work - I have been working with
> PHP for about two years (not pro) and am used to formatting my output for
> legibility - especially echoing or var_dumping variables when still testing
> the code. So the failure is recent and I just can't figure what changed.
> David

Browsers treat newlines as any other whitespace - so print_r and
var_dump will not, on their own, provide you with a linebreak in a
browser. If you've got xdebug installed, var_dump will provide a nicer
output (including line-breaks).
However, by far the easiest way to check if you're actually getting
linebreaks in your output is checking the source.

If you're suddenly experiencing a change in output, then some of your
environment variables have changed - hard to say which one without
knowing more about your system, but you must obviously have
changed/updated something for this to happen.


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