From: Gary

> tedd wrote:
>> What do you people think of the .NET framework?
> It's a framework, like any other framework - can make your life
> can make your life harder by forcing you to take the path determined
> TOTP by its designers.
> That's "The One True Path", not "Top Of The Pops".

The installer and the license limit its use to just a subset of a single
platform. The attempts at producing clones on other platforms are
clouded by license and patent restrictions, and will perpetually be at
least one release behind the MS-Windows version.

In reality, .Net is a poor clone of the Java runtime environment, while
C# is a poor clone of the Java language. They were created after the
courts told Microsoft the Sun license did not allow them to subvert the
Java API to build applications that would only run on their OS.

Bob McConnell

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