Peter Lind wrote:

> C# has by now exceeded Java by quite a bit - 

I've been away from the Java "scene" since 2002 (when I worked for BEA
deploying J2EE on Linux/390), but assuming you're talking
about "deployed lines of code" or some other real-life measurement, I
find it hard to believe that C# should have exceeded Java. 

> and is, unlike Java, very actively maintained and has fairly frequent
> releases with lots of new functionality (4.0 was released this year
> and has functionality that definitely makes me consider taking it on).

Almost every newer programming language in the world has gone further
than Fortran, C, Cobol and PL/I, but they're all very much alive and
kicking.  And will each individually probably be able to muster
more "deployed lines of code" than any other language. 

Per Jessen, Zürich (12.1°C)

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