That's superb, many thanks for the link! I shall give it a go!

Yes I did install apache then php, however I tried to follow the instructions in the Dummies book (what does it make me if I can't follow the dummies book?) but to no avail.

I have just printed off the first 40 pages so that i can read it whilst looking at the screen ratrher than switching about, however I will give Xammp a go first and foremost seeing as I only want to test my own web page before I start to buy hosting elsewhere.

Seeing as you are so great :-) Any ideas of the best way to script an upload page that will deliver files to the server?

Family photo's and video clips mainly.


Also, many thanks to everyone who has tried to help a muppet. But I guess we all gotta start somewhere!

Cheers again!

"Steve Staples" <> wrote in message

Since you're new to php, then an easy way to install apache, is using

I would suggest you remove the apache you have installed, and the php
you installed, and install the XAMPP package as it comes prebuilt with
mysql, ftp, apache and php, and it is simple to use/work with.

And if you install to defaults there, you will put your web files into
C:\xampp\htdocs\ and everythign should just work.

The way i read your initial post, is that you installed just apache, and
just php... if you did this, then you may not have integrated php into
apache properly, so then your php pages will not work.

just my $0.02 here, cuz if it doesn't work after you install XAMPP, then
there is something else wrong.

And the other thing, is that you're running on vista, and vista doesn't
like things running on localhost (or at least it didn't used to)


On Mon, 2010-10-04 at 13:51 +0100, Col Day wrote:
Hi Kranthi,

No, I just literally get the "HTML" line shown but absolutely nothing
beneath it.

"kranthi" <> wrote in message
> they should be something like error_log-[date] not sure about windows
> though
>>>However I have found that if I paste the html into my web page created >>>by
>>>Serif WebPlus 10 I get the "html" line but not the "php" line.
> are you saying that you are getting the php code in your browser ?
> <?php
> echo "<p>This is a PHP line</p>";
> phpinfo();
> ?>

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