I'm currently working on a project that requires the parsing of excel files.
 Basically the user uploads an excel file, and then a script needs to save a
row in a Postgres database for each row in the excel file.  The issue we are
having is that when we task PHPExcel with parsing an excel file with, say
27k rows, it explodes with a memory error.  I've read up on the PHPExcel
forums and we've tried cell caching as well as ReadDataOnly, they do not
seem to be sufficient.

Does anyone here know of a way to do this? Surely there is a way to parse a
large excel file with PHP.  This is also NOT an on-demand service.  That is,
when someone uploads a file they get a task_id which allows them to check
the status of their excel file.  So the solution does not need to be a fast


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