chris h wrote:

> I'm currently working on a project that requires the parsing of excel
> files.  Basically the user uploads an excel file, and then a script
> needs to save a row in a Postgres database for each row in the excel
> file.  The issue we are having is that when we task PHPExcel with
> parsing an excel file with, say 27k rows, it explodes with a memory
> error.  I've read up on the  PHPExcel forums and we've tried cell
> caching as well as ReadDataOnly, they do not seem to be sufficient.
> Does anyone here know of a way to do this? Surely there is a way to
> parse a large excel file with PHP.  

If your excel file is or can be transformed to XML, I would just use
XSLT.  No PHP needed. 

Per Jessen, Zürich (19.1°C)

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