That was my poll! :)

Do you use a public framework or roll your own?
I personally find most frameworks to be either too generic or too
restricting. To do some tasks you have to jump through many hoops. I see
the benefit and certainly for prototypes they may have use, but I tend to
find that building a custom framework using some basic tools like a DB
wrapper, debug routines, selectbox routines, dynamic menu creation,
headers, footers, etc. gives all the MVC power I need. What do you do?

What's a framework?             
1       (1.9%)
I don't use any framework (by choice or policy).                
9       (16.7%)
I use my own custom framework.          
33      (61.1%)
I use a public framework like Zend, Symfony, Cake, etc.         
11      (20.4% 

P.s. the link works fine for me...

And here are two more of interest maybe:

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> I can't seem to access
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