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> I must have missed this poll.... but let me chime in (you've prolly already
> stopped reading now... :P )
> to make a long story short, i use a custom variant that started life as
> cakephp.  well, not even anywhere close.   I started to comprehend how
> cakephp started/configured itself, and then wrote my own, and reduced a
> lot of the "extra" stuff it did that I didn't need.
> So, what I use is my own custom "switchboard/index" file, that does my
> magic, and then utilizes:
> smarty templates
> pchart (for graphs)
> fpdf (for pdf generation)
> pear mdb2
> pear mailer (or sometimes phpmailer)
> jquery
> that is about all I use for every site i develop now.  I am still fine tuning 
> my
> classes/functions so that everything is more manageable and stream lined.
> my custom "switchboard/index" uses mod-rewrites, and does prolly a lot
> more than it needs to do, but i find it works quite nicely.
> -Steve


I was just a bit curious since the project I recently started is huge and 
highly modular with the modules communicating to each other.  I was looking 
into some MVC frameworks - Zend.com, phpro.org, PureMVC.org -  to help speed up 
the project and its future expandability.   After perusing some of the codes, 
Zend seems a bit bloated for me even though it already has a lot of good 
features built-in and doesn't seem to support modules and the 
inter-communcation.  Phpro is very straight forward and very light while it 
doesn't seem to be able to support a highly sophisticated application with a 
lot of modules and the communication between them.  PureMVC concept is awesome 
but there isn't an official release to support multiple modules (or cores) and 
their inter-communication.  So I ported the standard to multicore but still 
need to see how the modules inter-communication work.  I guess I'll have to dig 
up some more on the net for examples of the multicore.  I haven't yet looked at 
the other frameworks, such as CakePHP, symfony, etc.  Another plus to PureMVC 
is that it is language agnostic design, which I can later easily port my 
application to another language should the need arise.


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