I installed PHP 4.0 on an MS Windows 2000 server (running IIS 5.0).  It
processes files whose extension is ".php" but displays files with ".php3"
and ".php4" extensions as text.

I might have specified such behavior in the original installation.  But
now I can't find out where to associate other extensions with the PHP
engine.  Mainly I want to install the phpMyAdmin package to get started
with MySQL (and get rid of MS Access :), but all the PHP files in that
package are named with ".php3" or ".php4" extensions.

By the way, I've been using Linux exclusively for the last few years, so
I'm not too Windows savvy.  But I'm working at an internship where
everything is Windows-based, so I'm a bit lost (but feeling more at home
by using great open source packages like PHP and MySQL :)


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