I wrote an small web application that interfaces a Microsoft Access
database.  The database is fairly small and simple: it is a listing of
employees, their phone number(s) and their department.  My interface
allows folks to view the phone list, search for a name, list by
department, etc., and allows certain users to update the phone book (add
employees, change phone numbers, etc).  It's a fairly "typical" phonebook

The Access database has a macro in it that allows for the generation of a
report.  The report is a nicely formatted listing of all the employees and
their phone numbers, grouped by department.  Everybody fits on one page.
The whole purpose of this report is to be printable, and so that the one
page phone list can be distributed throughout the factory.

Now I want to be able to generate this report from the web.  It doesn't
have to use Access (and I would prefer that it didn't, so I can convert to
MySQL).  But I don't know of a nice (and easy!) way to generate such a
report.  Using HTML tables isn't acceptable---when you print, you still
get the header and footer that the browser adds (and it's unacceptable to
have everyone modify their browser's setup).  Furthermore, the printable
list has to look as close as possible to the original, because if I start
changing formats, people will get upset.

So I'm not really too sure where to start on this one.  If anyone could
offer some suggestions, and point me in the right direction, it would be
sincerely appreciated!


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