I've got a script which originally contained the following piece of

foreach ( $objs as $obj ) {

When I tested it, I found that on every iteration of the loop the last
element of $objs was assigned the value of the current element. I was
able to step through the loop and watch this happening, element by

I originally encountered this problem using PHP v5.2.4 under Windows
XP. I later reproduced it in v5.3.2 under XP.

The function call wasn't doing it. I replaced the function call with
an echo statement and got the same result.

For my immediate needs, I evaded the problem by changing the foreach
loop to a for loop that references elements of $objs by subscript.

That leaves me with the question: what is going wrong with foreach?
I'm trying to either demonstrate that it's my error, not the PHP
engine's, or isolate the problem in a small script that I can submit
with a bug report. The current script isn't suitable for that because
it builds $objs by reading a database table and doing some rather
elaborate manipulations of the data.

I tried to eliminate the database by doing a var_export of the array
after I built it, then assigning the exported expression to a variable
immediately before the foreach. That "broke the bug" -- the loop
behaved correctly.

There's a report of a bug that looks similar in the comments section
of php.net's manual page for foreach, time stamped 09-Jul-2009 11:50.
As far as I can tell it was never submitted as a bug and was never
resolved. I sent an inquiry to the author but he didn't respond.

Can anyone make suggestions on this -- either insights into what's
wrong, or suggestions for producing a portable, reproducible example?

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