Gary wrote:

>Better. I can tell you how to solve it:
>    $a = array('a', 'b','c');
>    foreach($a as &$row){
>        //you don't have to do anything here
>    }
>    unset($row); // <----<<< THIS IS KEY!
>    print_r($a);
>    foreach($a as $row){
>        echo "<br />".$row;
>    }
>    print_r($a);

I see what you're doing now: unsetting the variable, not the array
element referenced by the variable. You're right, it does work.

It's not exactly better than knowing what's wrong, though... it's
different. I already had a workaround, although it was not quite as
elegant. My desire now is to find out whether the behavior I described
is due to something I don't understand about PHP, or to a bug. If it's
something I don't understand, I want to understand it. If it's a bug,
I want to report it.

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