On 10-10-21 06:39 AM, Gary wrote:
Russell Dias wrote:

preg_match("/false/i", $string) ? false : true;

| $foo = (strcmp('true', $string) == 0);
works as well :) I don't like those kinds of things for this purpose
because it takes longer for people new to the code to read and
understand it than, say
| (boolean) $string;
(which in my case does a pretty meaningless conversion)

No, I was just wondering whether I had missed some construct in the
language that might the conversion for me, and be obvious to
PHP-heads. No problem that there doesn't seem to be.

This is why in PHP you can create functions and libraries...


function string2bool( $string )
    return preg_match( '#^(1|true|enabled|on|active)$#i', $string );


I used a preg_match because I have my doubts 2.5 calls to strcasecmp() would be faster... but who knows... the above example also happens to be very succinct* if not optimal :)

* Yes, I know, nobody asked for the other options, but I like the flexibility and many ini files do too.

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