On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 05:47:12PM -0700, Kris Craig wrote:

> Hi musicdev,
> There are a couple issues I think need to be addressed with what youd
> described.  First and foremost, $20/hr is considerably below the going
> rate for PHP work, especially for projects as large as the one you're
> talking about.
> I used to do freelance PHP work for about 5 years before I went to
> work for Microsoft, and when I originally started I was just charging
> about 20 bucks an hour as well.  It proved to be a disaster.  Contrary
> to what common sense might tell you, I've found that lower-budget
> clients always produce the most drama, are the most demanding, and
> least reliable when it comes to paying the invoices on-time.
> Furthermore, larger clients will generally ignore you in favor of
> developers who charge more, the mindset being that, if you're charging
> such a low amount, the quality of your work probably isn't that good.
> I did a lot better after I started charging $100/hr for my work.  A
> *lot* better!  This was after my research showed that PHP development
> firms generally charge a minimum of $80/hr for PHP work, and can go as
> high as $200/hr.  So if you're going at $20/hr, the companies with
> deep pockets probably won't take you seriously, and the clients you do
> get will be the ones who want a ton of work done but don't have the
> budget available to make it worth your while.  Those are the clients
> who will take advantage of you if you're not careful.


I can't explain this phenomenon, but I've seen it before, and it's
exactly as Kris has described.


Paul M. Foster

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