Alrighty, thanks for waiting.  I've posted the files here:

Currently, there are two documents there:  A general contract and a
statement of work (SOW) contract.  Typically, the general contract
would be signed first, essentially laying out the overall terms of the
business relationship.  Then, the SOW is signed, which outlines the
specifics of the project (work to be done, budget, payment schedule,

You'll want to read each document carefully.  At the top, you'll want
to replace the generic information with yours and your client's.
After the first paragraph of each document, both parties are referred
to as "Client" and "Provider," so you won't have to change names in a
whole bunch of places.  The SOW provided contains budget/work for a
hypothetical sample project; you will want to replace this with the
details of the actual project you're working on.

I may add more stuff later, like SEO scripts and whatnot I've created
over the years, but for now this should at least help you with your
current situation.  Everything uploaded to the project URL above is in
the public domain, which means you are free to do with it as you
please.  And, as always, use it at your own risk.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any
questions/feedback/etc.  I hope this helps.  =)


Kris, the documentation is excellent! Thank you very much for the resource. I think once this is provided to my client it will definitely reflect how serious the client is about the project, and give me some relief going forward.

Thank you sir.


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