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> On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 3:12 PM, Nathan Nobbe <quickshif...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> i've found top-posting to be useful in the corporate environment where the
>> people i'm working with are too ignorant to understand the rationale.
>>  however, when you're working with programmers, i think the expectation is
>> more than reasonable as well the rationale behind it being understood.
>>  top-posting is also useful for trivial communications where only 1 or 2
>> replies will ever be sent.  however, in long running complicated threads it
>> quickly results in replies that are difficult to follow, specifically b/c it
>> becomes non-trivial to correlate which portion of the previous message the
>> author was addressing; at the very least, it introduces ambiguity.
>> and more to the topic of this thread, the degradation of the communication
>> here is a great example of another reason i've stopped being so active.
> i agree, truly discussing something that is against your opinion
> should definitely be considered "degradation"
>>  there are standards established by the list, if you can't follow them,
>> maybe you belong on the sidelines as an observer.
> yes, certainly people who do not have the patience to wait until
> they're home on a more formal PC in an increasing age of mobile do not
> belong in any discussions online. so while that audience is growing,
> their influence should be reduced. great math there.
> furthermore, i find this usage of the term "standards" is quite
> amusing. assigning a "standard" to a freeform discussion capability
> should be a farce, especially when you can't even consider web
> development RFCs "standards" when different browsers implement them
> different ways.
> perhaps you should just unsubscribe then, if this list is introducing
> so much more effort into your day to read.
> note, that i take the time to bottom-post and clean up emails when i
> have time, but if i don't, i don't. people discuss things for
> discussion, they don't discuss things because they care how it is
> placed. that's like getting a present and whining about the wrapping
> paper.
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