> PHP is basically the only language I deal with any more - and it's the
> only language I -want- to deal with. I hate to see basic semantics
> such as "top post you asshole" scare off fresh blood and create a
> hostile or otherwise discriminatory environment. Keep PHP alive and
> well, at least until I retire. Don't let it die like Perl has! (ha,
> ha)

Hear, hear!  I've got to say, the knowledge present on this list has
been amazingly useful to me, but the rudeness -- come out in force in
this thread -- really makes me question remaining a member.  There are
already a few people on the list whose posts I just glance at to see
if there's code, and skip if there's not.

I know it's pretty common for programming lists to get rude, but it's
always seemed pretty unnecessary to me.  So far, on this list, the
balance is still  favoring the value of the knowledge here, but it's
been a close thing a few times in the last week.


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