On Fri, 2010-10-22 at 11:30 +0200, Emil Guy wrote:

> Hi!
> I have a bit of a vague question. I have always used different selfmade
> basic "CMS" for web pages. That works fine, and I like having my own
> structure and light code weight. But the big pro with using a standard CMS
> like drupal is the plugin support. Are there any php plugin standards or is
> there a doable way of implementing support for drupal (joomla, whatever)
> plugs? Of course there are php libraries, but I would like something more
> lika a visual gadget and extremly fast implementation. I created a wordpress
> blog instead of using my own code a while ago, and implementing twitter
> support, antispam, etc was just two clicks and 2 min work, instead of
> reading a manual for a library and maybe half an hour an hour work
> implementing and debugging. And that was a nice change.
> When you make normal simple web pages do you guys use a ready-made CMS as a
> base or do you have a self-made php template, or self-made cms, or what
> solutions do you use?
> Kind Regards Emil Edeholt

Personally I have tended to go for bespoke code, as I disliked all the
extra unused features of existing setups that I just didn't need.

Having said that, pre-built CMS's do have the benefit of a community
behind them, meaning plenty of plugins, support, etc.


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