On Friday, October 22, 2010 4:30:06 am Emil Guy wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a bit of a vague question. I have always used different selfmade
> basic "CMS" for web pages. That works fine, and I like having my own
> structure and light code weight. But the big pro with using a standard CMS
> like drupal is the plugin support. Are there any php plugin standards or is
> there a doable way of implementing support for drupal (joomla, whatever)
> plugs? Of course there are php libraries, but I would like something more
> lika a visual gadget and extremly fast implementation. I created a
> wordpress blog instead of using my own code a while ago, and implementing
> twitter support, antispam, etc was just two clicks and 2 min work, instead
> of reading a manual for a library and maybe half an hour an hour work
> implementing and debugging. And that was a nice change.
> When you make normal simple web pages do you guys use a ready-made CMS as a
> base or do you have a self-made php template, or self-made cms, or what
> solutions do you use?
> Kind Regards Emil Edeholt

The ready availability of a bajillion plugins and a large community of people 
who can support me in writing more is one of the key reasons that virtually 
all of my web work these days uses Drupal.  AFAIK there is no cross-CMS plugin 
system in PHP, and given how architecturally different various systems are I 
don't know that one would even be possible.

--Larry Garfield

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