At 10:47 AM -0400 10/21/10, Daniel Brown wrote:
On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 10:41, Robert Cummings <> wrote:

 I can't speak for everyone here (or who is no longer here)... but my posts
 have dwindled significantly due to work and family time constraints :|

    Same here, but isn't it a bit eerie that many of us hit that same
point almost simultaneously?  Richard Lynch, Lester Caine, Jochem
Maas, Jim Lucas, the Nathans (Rixham and Nobbe), yourself, myself -
even Tedd Sperling and Jason Pruim, among many others - seemed to all
fall off the face of the virtual earth at about the same moment.  Then
again, I suppose that's how generations work.

</Daniel P. Brown>

Part of my falling off the list recently was that my computer catered.

The problem was the communication link between the router and my main computer became extremely slow. For example, download speed was around 3M and upload speed was non-existent -- my computer would simply hang and not receive anything.

Additionally, it was only my main computer that experienced this problem while other computers in my office worked normally. All the experts I contacted/paid were not able to resolve the problem.

So, I changed over to a newer computer (Intel Mac Pro) and my download speed is now around 20M and upload speed at 4M. Everything works sweet now, but it has taken time/money for me to get everything back to working properly.

Couple this problem with client demands and I'm surprised I have any time to do anything.




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