At 3:47 PM +1100 10/31/10, Dr Michael Daly wrote:
Using a php search form produces a nil return on any information that is
capitalised within a mysql database; retrieval is fine for non-capitalised
data. Could someone tweak this please? The relevant code I think is as

// Description is a BLOB in MySQL... we need to UPPER the blob
//values to make the search case-insensitive.

        $query = "SELECT C.*, A.surname,, A.surname_prefix, AS user
FROM pbcs_user A, pbcs_join_table_user_app B, pbcs_appointment C        ".

"WHERE = B.user_id AND B.appointment_id = ".

"AND LOWER(C.description) LIKE '%".strtolower($search_for)."%' AND
C.start_time > $start_time AND C.start_time < $end_time ORDER BY
        $result = pbcs_db_query($query);

Melb, Aust.

Why are you using a BLOB?

You are just storing text data, right? If so, then a VARCHAR will work.

Additionally, using a BLOB changes things somewhat in that all data are stored as binary strings and as such makes all comparisons case-sensitive. Too many double negatives for me.



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