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I'm writing a program that allows the user to click the flag and the test will change to that language and display.

I'm trying to convert from English to Chinese using characters such as " æ°©"è¿Î" The browser interprets these into, in this case, Japanese but my code needs to display in Chinese.

The internet is giving all kinds of code to convert from English into the Chinese language.

I need to put in Unicode characters that the browser will make the final change into Chinese words. I'm using define("CHARSET","UTF-8");

So the question is how does one enter Chinese Unicode??



First of all, there is a definite difference between languages and using Unicode char sets are very specific. If you indeed used a Chinese character, then it should not be changed to a Japanese character except for those characters that may overlap -- but even then while they may look alike (same glyph), they have their own unique code-point so they are different.

Here are some references re Unicode:

Also realize that you have not only Chinese and Japanese char sets, but there are "Traditional" and "Simplified" variations of both. Here's another reference:




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