You could do it using the &1234; type codes, or copy it directly from another 
source, like a character map program.

Bear in mind that if you do the latter, you'll need to output a utf 8 meta tag 
with the html output too.


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From: "Ernie Kemp" <>
Date: Thu, Nov 4, 2010 16:52
Subject: [PHP] Chinese words on a PHP web page
To: "'PHP General List'" <>


I’m writing a program that allows the user to click the flag and the test will 
change to that language and display.


I’m trying to convert from English  to Chinese using characters such as “ 
æ­“è¿Ž” The browser interprets these into, in this case, Japanese but my code 
needs to display in Chinese.


The internet is giving all kinds of code to convert from English into the 
Chinese language.


I need to put in Unicode characters that the browser will make the final change 
into Chinese words.  I’m using define("CHARSET","UTF-8");


So the question is how does one enter Chinese Unicode??






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