I'm kind of new to this list, and so if there have been discussions about
this, i am not quite aware of them (i tried searching), but i ran across
this issue and i figured it would be interesting enough to show you guys

I was looking for a way to replace all the text in a string that doesn't
match a pattern with nothing (therefore string in, only part of the string
that matches my pattern out), one line with no arrays in the middle; and i
guess there is a way to do this with temp variables, well i know there is,
but i kind of wanted a more elegant solution, so i came up with this match

$str = 'And the cow says "Mooo"';
preg_match('/(?:(?!"[a-zA-Z\s]*").)*/', $str, $matches);

    [0] => And the cow says

so i was pretty happy to see that, so if i pass that expression to
preg_replace it should, hopefully, replace that text with nothing, and i
theoretically should be left with "Mooo", which was my goal originally, so i

print_r(preg_replace('/(?:(?!"[a-zA-Z\s]*").)*/', '', $str));


... Hardly what i was expecting... Any ideas? bug, something i'm not
getting, something in the way preg works?

Thanks in advance,

~ Alex

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