I am not trying to discredit your decision to don't accept free emails,
but look for example my situation. The only email accounts I have are on
free email providers. I also connect to the internet using a free ISP, so
there's no pratical reason to use a paid email. So it would be impossible to
confirm my account on your service. If it is a public service, where anyone
can sign up, I think yo should reconsider your decision, unless there is a
strong reason behind to not do it...


  Julio Nobrega.

Because happiness is a warm gun
Bang-bang shoot-shoot

"Egan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I need to prohibit free email address domains when verifying account
> information via email, and I found this list of free email providers:
>   http://www.fepg.net/
> Does anyone know of other lists, or better yet, have a text file of
> free email domains?
> Egan

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