On Mon, 16 Jul 2001 14:41:35 -0300, "Inércia Sensorial"

>I am not trying to discredit your decision to don't accept free emails,
>but look for example my situation. The only email accounts I have are on
>free email providers. I also connect to the internet using a free ISP, so
>there's no pratical reason to use a paid email.

I encounter many sites that now refuse free email addresses.  That
alone is a practical reason to use a paid email or paid ISP.

I don't expect the free ISP concept to live much longer.  Look at
NetZero's share price.  They are in danger of delisting by nasdaq

>So it would be impossible to confirm my account on your service.

Yes, that is our intention.

>If it is a public service, where anyone can sign up, I think yo should
>reconsider your decision, unless there is a strong reason behind to not
>do it...

Free email addresses are virtually untraceable.  You can provide
totally fraudulent information when signing up with most of them.

That is unacceptable for our purposes.


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