Hi folks,

I'm sure this is an easy one that's standing right in front of me but
I'm too blind to see.  I have a page with an URL like this:
index.php?name=value&this=that. I have a link on the bottom of the
page which allows the user to switch languages.  I need to hang onto
the existing $name and $this get variables.

I tried

<a href='&lang=en'>Flip</a>

and it loses all previous GET data.  Then I tried

<a href='<?php echo $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] ;?>?<?php echo
$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']; ?>&lang=en'>Flip</a>

And it continually appends more &lang=en's to the URL if the user
keeps clicking on it (for whatever reason).

Now I've put it in a form and it works as expected, but the display
value and my under-the-hood value need to be different, so it's a
fail.  What's the best way to update the value of a GET var?


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