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From: Tamara Temple <>
Date: November 10, 2010 12:05:32 AM CST
To: PHP General <>
Subject: Re: [PHP] Updating a GET variable

On Nov 9, 2010, at 2:47 PM, Marc Guay wrote:

What's wrong with just putting the url parameters in the link that you know
you need, one by one?

I have a footer that I include on every page and would like it to
adapt to whatever situation it finds itself in.  Is your suggestion,
to do the following for the existing example:

echo "<a href='index.php?name=".$_GET['name']."&this=". $_GET['this']."&lang=en'>Flip</a>";

Also, don't just output the values sent to the server, as that's an attack waiting to happen.

Are you referring to echoing the SCRIPT_NAME and QUERY STRING values
into the href attribute?

I would add the parameter you want to $_GET ($_GET['lang']='en') and use http_build_query on $_GET if you really want to include the whole query string in the call:

echo '<a href="index.php?'.http_build_query($_GET).'">Flip</a>"

Woops, just realized a problem with this. If the values in $_GET are URL encode, http_build_query will encode them again, so you have to decode them first:

foreach($_GET as $k => $v) $qs[$k] = URLDecode($v);
$qs['lang'] = 'en';
echo '<a href="index.php?'.http_build_query($qa).'">Flip</a>';

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