Taking what I understand from C, I think you are looking for this equivalent
in php.

$product = array('reduction'=>'4','price_without_reduction'=>'22','price
$yuzde = $product['reduction']*100;
$yuzde = round($yuzde / $product['price_without_reduction']);

Echo $yuzde;
This is no reason to truncate or escape html since the strings do not
contain them.
I might suggest you read 
for a better understand the precision options with round.

Richard L. Buskirk

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hi guys
i have 2x sub value

[reduction] => 4
[price_without_reduction] => 22
[price] => 18

and i want to calculate how much i did reduction percent

{assign var='yuzde' value=$product.reduction*100}
{assign var='yuzde' value=$yuzde/$product.price_without_reduction}

when i escape only 3 chars i see some products returns
like "-18.%"
when i escape only 2 chars
i get e result like

so is there a way to round that value to int not float?

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