Version 1.4.4
    - fixed problem with including insecure templates with security
    - numerous documentation updates. (Monte) 
    - added ENT_QUOTES to escapement of html. (Monte, Sam Beckwith)
    - implemented access to request variables via auto-assigned $smarty
      template variable.  (Andrei)
    - fixed a bug with parsing function arguments inside {if} tags if a
      was present. (Andrei)
    - updated debug console with config file vars. (Monte)
    - added SMARTY_DIR constant as an alternative to relying on
    - added popup_init and popup functions, (requires overlib.js)
    - updated debug console with config file vars. (Monte)
    - added debugging url control. (Monte)
    - added 'quotes' type to escape modifier. (Monte, Mike Krus)
    - added 'total' and 'iteration' section properties. (Andrei)
    - added 'start', 'max', and 'step' section attributes/properties.
    - fixed a bug with security checking of functions inside {if} tags.
    - fixed a bug in Config_File that would incorrectly booleanize
values that
      weren't really booleans. (Andrei)


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