AmirBehzad Eslami wrote:

> Dear list,
> We have dozen of applications, mostly written in PHP and Python.
> They're distributed on different servers, but i'm trying to integrate
> them somehow.
> Each application has its own users.
> Is there a way to store all username/passwords into a single
> datasource and give each user, her proper permissions?
> Since i'm just a php-programmer, i *thought* of a MySQL database to
> hold these data, and then use a SOAP-Server to handle the
> authentication across those applications.
> Once a user provides her username/password, a SOAP Request will be
> made to a PHP-Driven Authentication Server, which handles the job to
> check the permissions and user's identity.
> It sounds slow, isn't it? Is there a better solution?
> How do you make authentication across a network of applications?

Central directory service accessed with LDAP.  Typical examples include
Microsofts Active Directory, Novells eDirectory and openLDAP. 

Per Jessen, Zürich (-1.4°C)

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