AmirBehzad Eslami wrote:

> Suppose you're running phpBB with another php-driven application.
> phpBB has a "user" table where the username/password/email/.. of each
> user is stored at mysql. Once a user logs-in to the website, the "Last
> Login" timestamp updates on the "users" table at mysql.
> How do I use LDAP in this type of application?
> 1) Move entire records of "Users" and their attributes (e.g.
> last_login_time) to LDAP server?
> In this mehtod, after each successfull login request, I also need to
> update the related record on LDAP.
> 2)  Should I use LDAP to store only the username and passwords?
> In this method, I need to update the record on MySQL database, but I
> should keep the MySQL and LDAP syncronized, since a user may want to
> change her password. 

LDAP is only the access method, you can store the information whichever
way you want.  mysql is probably not a bad idea.

Per Jessen, Zürich (-0.9°C)

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