I'm migrating a web application written for PHP4 to PHP5. I've turned on
E_STRICT to have a detailed look at all the code thoroughly. I have a
number of 'Notices' and 'Strict Standards' messages appearing now.

I don't consider myself a PHP guru by any means so I'm seeking help with
understanding these messages and how to fix the code.

One of the messages is:

"PHP Strict Standards:  Only variables should be assigned by reference in"

This is for a class SPControlPanel with a method

function getContentTypes(&$db)
        $tabledata = array();

        $sql = "select

        return $db->queryAll($sql, true);

The warning is for this segment of code below which is another method in
the same class (marked with comment // this line):

function getCategoryTypes(&$db) {
        $tabledata = array();

        $myContentTypes = &SPControlPanel::getContentTypes($db); // this
        foreach ($myContentTypes as $key => $data) {
            if ($data['iscategory']) $tabledata[] = $data['contenttype'];

        return $tabledata;

There are many more methods making assignments in a similar way in this
class and in other classes throughout the code.

I'm not sure of the best way to re-code this to resolve the E_STRICT

Any help is much appreciated.



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