Thanks David.

If my understanding is correct, then:


is a reference to a static instantiation of the class. If so, then it
must be syntactically something like when using 'new' (which returns a
reference) so there's no need to apply the & operator. Am I on the right

I have some more PHP4 code in the application which caused: "PHP
Notice:  Only variable references should be returned by reference". I
have fixed it like this:

<       function & _getTable($cached=true)
<       {
<               return new TableClass($this->_getTableName());
>       function & _getTable($cached=true) {
>               $temp = new TableClass($this->_getTableName());
>               return $temp;

Is this acceptable?

I'll have to come back to the $db issue - it's not issuing a warning so
I'll leave it alone until I've tidied up all the other issues.



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