On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 13:36, Marc Fromm <marc.fr...@wwu.edu> wrote:
> We have web forms that send the user an email confirmation after submission, 
> like most forms do.
> The emails are being delivered to the users' junk folder. The main campus IT 
> staff claim it is because our server is sending the emails.
> The campus is using Microsoft exchange servers. I am using Red Hat Linux, 
> sendmail, and PHP. Is there a way to give php the exchange server's ip 
> address and have the emails from my php forms be sent from the exchange 
> server?

    Unfortunately, folks don't seem to read the archives anymore....

    Marc, check the archives to see answers to this question even this
month.  Some have recommended PEAR packages, others have recommended
other packages and methods, and for one particular instance, I
recommended using the fifth parameter of the mail() function to pass
the '-f' flag to Sendmail.

    That said, unless there's more to the story, there should be no
reason why your server shouldn't deliver email.  Shared hosting, for
example, most often provides both SMTP and POP3 in addition to hosting
the actual website(s), and is used exclusively in most cases for all
services for a given account.

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