Peter Lind wrote:
I may have misunderstood the topic, but a cache to me is more than
just storing views. It's also the db cache, memcache, apc, etc. You
have to think about how you use these - some of them can't just be
slapped on to your app after development.

>>  Data caching SHOULD always be the
>>  domain of the database, so duplicating that in PHP is pintless.

So you're saying one should never use memcache for storing data from the db?

That is probably one of the areas where care should be taken in WHAT you are caching. CURRENTLY too much caching goes on, and I'm sure you have seen pages that do not make sense simply because some element used to create it has been cached and is now out of date. memcache may well be a candidate to use for a cached list of choices for a form, but on a distributed database ( such as Firebird ) then how do you KNOW if the list has been updated? Only the database actually knows that, and a good database will provide ALL of the data caching that you need ... or at least it should if the DATABASE is designed correctly.

The reason for 'caching' needs to be understood before it is applied in order to avoid the black holes that random caching is causing nowadays already. How often do you hear "wipe the xxx browser cache"? And I know if I am changing theme elements in bitweaver or phpgedview then I HAVE to wipe the cache to ensure that smarty rebuilds the relevant pages.

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