I'm the DB maintainer for Drupal 7, and we rebuilt our entire DB layer on top of PDO. It's a rather nice API, although as others have noted it does not abstract away SQL entirely; it abstracts the API calls you need to use to get to SQL.

We then built a layer on top of that which does abstract away most database weirdness using fluent query builders. It's much lighter-weight than an ORM. I'm in the process of spinning it off as a stand-alone library because we think it's that cool, but it's not completely divorced from Drupal yet. Stay tuned. :-)

But yes, PDO is nice.

--Larry Garfield

On 12/14/10 5:10 AM, Sam Smith wrote:
Searching for "PHP CRUD" in hopes of learning the best way to access
databases and to use PEAR or what I came across PDO.

I want to know the communities opinion of PDO: everyone uses it or no one
uses it or it's great or what?


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