In previous experience with questions such as these, you will get
several types of individual responses to usages of the software. Some
good, some bad, depending on the experience level of the commenter
with both the language and the code in question.

It's a combination of your current understanding of php and the
associated usages of other languages, and what you want to know.

Don't trust what people say, trust what feels right at the current
time of your usage of the php library available/your experience level,
and what you currently know how to use.

From my experience with several languages, once you know the basics,
even if you do re-invent the 'wheel', so did firestone,michelin, and
goodyear, and they're not complaining. And you'll feel better for
reinventing, than using someone elses.

I think this ^^^ advice is brilliant, understated; nothing replaces integration of one's own thorough understanding.


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