On Dec 28, 2010, at 2:11 PM, Joshua Kehn wrote:

> Specifically:
>>> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>>>> I seem to have an issue with users who copy-paste their usernames and
>>>> passwords coping and pasting leading and trailing space characters.
> Users should not be copy-pasting passwords or usernames. Do not compromise a 
> system to cater to bad [stupid, ignorant, you pick] users. If this is an 
> issue then educate the users. 

If you work for a company that admins over a hundred websites, you may be 
inclined to copy-paste a few passwords.

I don't know about you, but when we use passwords that are over 16 characters 
long and I don't want to get an incorrect pass, because it was a grave 
character versus a single apostrophe, or a capital i versus a lowercase L or a 
zero versus an O, etc.. There is no way I am retyping passwords for every-time 
I need to log in, or FTP into a site. 

We use apps to store all our passes, so yeah I copy and paste. But on the same 
note I am conscious of copying a space at the end of the password / username.

Sorry, you are not going to (re)educate the public on what you think is 
password best practices. But I do however, think that it is the users problem, 
not the developers. Learn how to copy-paste.

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