On Tue, Dec 28, 2010 at 3:28 PM, Paul M Foster <pa...@quillandmouse.com>wrote:

> Users would be wise to follow a scheme like
> this, rather than using their dog's name or somesuch as their passwords.

Aww man, I've been using "somesuch" as the password for all my accounts and
now you've ruined it! Luckily I use your dog's name for my bank passwords
which is probably still safe.

To address the OP, I would agree with skipping trim on both the user name
and password. If it's a copy-paste error, they will try again. If you want
to get fancy, warn when the password starts with or ends with spaces if it
comes back incorrect, but I think that's probably going to be so rare as not
to be worth the extra effort.


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