On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 05:32:38PM -0500, Daniel P. Brown wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 15:16, Omega -1911 <1911...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Sound silly? Why Daniel? It's all documented and public knowledge. What I
> > thought was silly was a entire thread about which ASCII combination was
> > best.. convert to a higher range above the 255 character range...
> >
> > There is NOTHING I have mentioned that you or anyone can call a lie. Google
> > or eccouncil.org are great resources. You forte is php... what security
> > certs doyou hold that contradict my previous email?
>     Aside from involvement with the now-defunct Federal agency, the
> National Infrastructure Protection Center, training by the FBI's
> Regional Computer Forensic Laboratories, accreditation as the first
> private-sector mobile computer forensic investigation laboratory in
> the tri-state area, multiple computer security certifications, and
> about fourteen years of professional network and computer security
> service to multiple public and private sector entities, I suppose not
> much.
>     I was pleased earlier, however, to learn about your interest in
> helping others by creating a venue for them to sell their own homemade
> pornographic DVDs at such a low price, but then disappointed to learn
> that your grasp of Perl and site management wasn't yet up to par.
> "Hacking" didn't work out all that well over the last couple of years
> either, but you could probably go, what, just a thousand feet or so to
> hire one of the kids from Ben Davis high school to help out.  Pay them
> a fair wage, though.... I mean, with your home last appraised at
> $122,100 (on the 27th of July, 2007, so you might want to see if it's
> appreciated more in value by now), we know you can afford to pay
> better than minimum.  Heck, if they'd pave your street as well as your
> driveway is sealed, that alone might help improve the value, at least
> a little bit.  Which would be fine --- I mean, you already get the
> benefits of better insurance, consider how close you are to that fire
> hydrant.  (You know the one I mean, that little bluish-green one when
> you turn right out of your driveway and cross the street.)
>     Speaking of blue-green, I love that picture of Javen.  Was that
> done right on his iPhone, or did he do it on the computer before
> uploading it?  Pretty cool either way, just like his name.  I'm just
> not sure if it's pronounced with a "J" or an "H" sound.  I mean,
> Arthur's name is easy enough, but I honestly am confused by Javen's
> (except when he spells it out like James Vencent).  It's no surprise
> that he's an intelligent kid, though, being born at the autumnal
> equinox and all (and even before sunrise that morning).
>     That aside, you might be right.  Perhaps my qualifications don't
> quite justify my opinion in contradicting anything you have to say.  I
> mean, being contracted to trace people all over the world can
> sometimes be almost as fun as knowing what tools to use to find out
> who they are in the first place.  Still, one shouldn't spend so much
> time doing just one thing, which is why we both enjoy programming.
>     Regardless, it doesn't matter, and I see no reason to get into any
> kind of flame war --- especially with one of the famous Six Hounds
> from the Darkside of Hell.  Anyway, sorry for being ten days late, but
> happy birthday, Chap.  It was good getting to know you.  And, as the
> Ques know, "friendship is essential to the soul."

Okay Dan, just put the weapon down. I'm sure we can work this out.
Yeah... that's it. It'll all be okay. We can talk about it....



Paul M. Foster

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