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> Hi folks.  I have a project coming up that will involve writing a non-trivial 
> command line PHP application.  Most of it will be nice and abstracted and 
> standalone and all of that jazz, but it will need to do command line 
> interation.  I'm not sure yet if it will be interactive or if I just need to 
> parse lots of command line switches.
> Has anyone used a CLI-handling library they like?  I recall briefly using the 
> PEAR CLI library many many years ago and disliking it because it was only 
> barely a step above the raw PHP-CLI SAPI, and still required lots of if-else 
> branching in my code.  I don't know if there's anything better since then, 
> however.  I prefer clean OO to procedural, but can work with procedural if 
> needs be.  The fewer dependencies it has the better as well.
> Any recommendations?
> (Open source, GPLv2-compatible required.)
> --Larry Garfield


Why are you writing a command line application in PHP? I would think that is 
starting off on a very wrong foot. 

Can you explain the requirements / use cases a bit more?


Joshua Kehn | josh.k...@gmail.com

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