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> "Application" is perhaps a misnomer.  I'm not looking at rewriting Emacs or 
> anything.  Just some batch processing that would get run as:
> php myscript.php --config=foo.xml --setting-1=stuff
> And then it will run off and move a few million records around between 
> different data stores, a process that will probably take an hour or so.  (The 
> backend will be cycling through a queue server.)  I just need something to 
> make handling of the args and environment easier, because I find the native 
> SAPI calls to be ugly/cumbersome.
> I'm sure it could be written in Perl or Python or Java.  But I know extremely 
> little Perl, no Python, and my Java is quite rusty, plus there are mature PHP 
> libraries that talk to the 3rd party systems I'm tying together.  My PHP-fu 
> is much stronger than my Perl, Python, and Java combined.
> <OT>
> Yeah, PHP was "intended" as a template language only; that fell by the 
> wayside a decade ago or more when people started building real web apps in 
> it, which are a lot more than templates.  That boat has long since sailed and 
> is irrelevant to this discussion.
> </OT>
> --Larry Garfield

In that case I can't offer any good CLI libs, but it sounds like a few others 
here could offer some.


Joshua Kehn | josh.k...@gmail.com

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