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  Why bother learning other languages? Is this a joke? Why should someone
  stop learning *ever?** *Having a mastery of multiple languages can only
  enhance you.

No, it's not a joke.  The idea is why bother learning an language that will
score you little milage, in the context of the one you already know well.
  For example, if I'm a Web developer coding what CLI requirements I have in
PHP, then I might venture to learn something like Javascript before ever
touching Python.  So yes, having mastery of multiple languages can help you,
but it's best when these multiple languages don't overlap as much as PHP and



I have to disagree with you a little-bit about this.

If one knows the languages involved and realize their overlap, then
they should have a better understanding of which language to use for
what purpose. For example, which is better for styling CSS or
Javascript? Both can do it, but one is the clear winner.

Is the winner JavaScript?

*ducks and runs*

I love Fridays!

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