At 12:15 PM +0100 1/9/11, Per Jessen wrote:
Tamara Temple wrote:

 > I'm wondering what mods to make for this now that unicode chars are
 allowed in domain names....

You're talking about IDNs ?  The actual domain name is still US-ASCII,
only when you decode punycode do you get UTF8 characters.

Per Jessen, Zürich (10.1°C)

Unfortunately, you are correct.

It was never the intention of the IDNS WG for the end-user to see PUNYCODE, but rather that all IDNS be seen by the end-user as actual Unicode code points (Unicode characters). The only browser that currently supports this is Safari.

For example --

-- is square-root dot com. In all browsers except Safari, PUNYCODE is shown in the address bar, but in Safari it's shown as ˆ.com

The IDNS works, but for fear of homographic attacks IE (and other browsers) will not show the IDNS correctly.




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