At 11:54 AM +0100 1/11/11, Per Jessen wrote:
tedd wrote:

 At that time, I registered almost 30 names.
 Fortunately, all of my names passed and I was
 permitted to keep them. Unfortunately, all
 browser manufactures (except Safari) negated some
 of the work done by the IDNS WG and as a result
 PUNYCODE is shown instead of the actual
 characters intended.

Only for characters that are not part of a national alphabet, I believe?

This one works fine:  http://rugbrø

Not for me. It translates to:

Besides, many domain registrars also limit the available characters to
those that are part of a national alphabet.

Per Jessen, Zürich (0.0°C)

National alphabet? Never heard of it -- what Nation?

Are the Greek letters Sigma, Delta, Pi part of this "National alphabet"? While they are common in our English language, I don't think they are not included.

In addition, many registrars are clueless about IDNS, Char Sets, and what is legal and not. Plus, the are many differences between different TLD registrars. For example, the TLD COM can have single characters whereas the ORG will not allow single characters regardless of language (including ASCII).

The IDNS is still in a state of flux.




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