I can't think of anything except using top or ps. If you can't guarantee what 
process runs what individual script, are you able to just track them all 
globally, and check for differences as you start and stop scripts. Perhaps run 
certain scripts under different users which should give them their own pid (i 
believe, but not tested this) that let's you track them more easily.


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From: "Tanoor Dieng" <newstan...@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Jan 17, 2011 10:23
Subject: [PHP] How to get cpu consumption of a php script
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Hi everybody,
I'm a php developper for a high traffic website. Our web servers run with

We have some issues with the cpu consumption of our servers.

The problem is that, we don't know exactly which script consumes so much
So, we cant to figure out how much cpu does a php script take.

We have tried 3 methods:

1) Microtime: microtime at the beginning and at the end and make the diff.
The problem with that is that it takes the execution time of the script, but
in our script we make:
- connection to database
- connection to memcache
- connection to session server

All of this is not taken into account, so microtime is not that accurate

2) Shell command: we get the pid of the process executing the script and
make a 'top' on this pid . The problem  is that the php-cgi manages many
threads so it's not accurate too.

Is there other methods for dealing with this problem.

best regards,


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