Please take into account that lighttpd does have some random high 
cpu-consumption problems, it could be that also. Give nginx a try instead. 

Also: microtime by itself isn't enough, sum time() to it because if a script 
lasts more than 1 second you can end up with negative total time, microtime 
doesn't have a seconds counter, only microseconds.

Are you using a cms? Have you tried deactivating some plugins?

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On 17-01-2011, at 7:23, Tanoor Dieng <> wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I'm a php developper for a high traffic website. Our web servers run with
> lightty?
> We have some issues with the cpu consumption of our servers.
> The problem is that, we don't know exactly which script consumes so much
> cpu.
> So, we cant to figure out how much cpu does a php script take.
> We have tried 3 methods:
> 1) Microtime: microtime at the beginning and at the end and make the diff.
> The problem with that is that it takes the execution time of the script, but
> in our script we make:
> - connection to database
> - connection to memcache
> - connection to session server
> All of this is not taken into account, so microtime is not that accurate
> 2) Shell command: we get the pid of the process executing the script and
> make a 'top' on this pid . The problem  is that the php-cgi manages many
> threads so it's not accurate too.
> Is there other methods for dealing with this problem.
> Thanks,
> best regards,
> Tanoor.

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