On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 10:53:19PM -0600, Donovan Brooke wrote:

> >Why not use one of the countless, not to mention secure and stable cookie
> management systems available? If it's an exercise cool, I misunderstood.
> >
> >I'm not one to normally shun people rolling their own code, lord knows
> I've done it more then once or twice, but there are some things I wouldn't
> touch with a ten foot pool, and cookie management is one of them. The
> other would be things like CSV parsers or text manipulations.
> >
> >Regards,
> >
> >-Josh
> The idea of using existing resources for efficiency is very valid
> indeed.. especially with a job at hand. But, there are good reasons to
> roll-your-own... education and knowing your own code are 2 that are
> important to me right now. Besides, a cookie based log-in system is
> really not that complex. ;-)

I have to agree here. Login systems aren't that hard to do. And finding
a "library" or "toolkit" which does exactly what you want exactly the
way you want may not be so easy. For example, I don't use MySQL unless I
absolutely have to. But there aren't that many such systems based on
PostgreSQL. I could take their MySQl code and hack it. But while
analyzing their code, you find you could have done this yourself in half
a day, less if you've done it before.

I'm just thick enough to believe that most programming problems are
relatively easily solved from scratch. And it's an interesting challenge
to do so. Particularly when the result is something which can be reused
in later projects.

Yes, of course, I wouldn't touch payment gateways and the like.


Paul M. Foster

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