On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 23:39, Joshua Kehn <josh.k...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Why not use one of the countless, not to mention secure and stable cookie 
> management systems available? If it's an exercise cool, I misunderstood.
> I'm not one to normally shun people rolling their own code, lord knows I've 
> done it more then once or twice, but there are some things I wouldn't touch 
> with a ten foot pool, and cookie management is one of them. The other would 
> be things like CSV parsers or text manipulations.

    The use of existing packages is so increasingly prevalent that I
have the unfortunate displeasure of knowing many "developers" who do
nothing but this, yet who can't even answer simple questions about
general coding, and who cry and complain that a "previous developer"
must have borked something.  I think Donovan is right on track here
--- he's just getting started, and challenging himself to learn the
language at a deeper level.  That will make him a developer, not just
a copy-and-paster.

    I do see from where it is you're coming, though, Josh --- once
you've gotten the fundamentals, a lot of times it's easier - sometimes
even a better idea - to use an existing, mature solution.  What helps
you to determine its value from a code standpoint?  Your existing

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